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Hi I’m Chanta!

I help millennial entrepreneurs such as yourself tap into your creative side and inspire you to intentionally curate your space to be a place that motivates you to create. Each of us have our individual “superpowers” that make our skill sets, passions and the things we create unique to us.


I strongly believe that your superpower shouldn’t be kept within, it should be explored and shown through our creations – what we create with our hands and more importantly what we create with our minds from the heart. They say “home is where the heart” and I’d have to agree, so I start there. 

For some of you, it will be creating an easy DIY or decor choice to finally make use of  that area  in your space (yeah, you know which one!)  that you’ve been avoiding to make it more practical or stylish. For others, it will be exploring the ways to create additional streams of income that can be 100% managed from your biggest investment, your home.


New Beginnings In Time was created to empower and inspire unity, community and entrepreneurship amongst our young, talented, often overlooked and underfunded future leaders of tomorrow by helping you create a new beginning, new path, new outcome, new idea or even just a new moment  in time, in your life – your space and your mind every single day. I’m here to help you achieve your financial and creative

ideas, and turn them into reality! Do you have the same goals? What is your superpower, and how can you leverage it to start making for you the money in YOUR own business, instead of your current employer?

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