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A Room Makeover Music Lovers will Appreciate

Hey hey!!

I’m excited for this one y’all! This is a room makeover I did for a friend of mine in this Atlanta-Ambition room makeover series, where I take on 4 room makeover projects for friends and colleagues of mine during the last month of a work trip consisting of 14+ hour days Monday through Friday.

All of these projects were a labor of love for all of us, we worked on them after work at nights and on weekends, and I’m excited to share how this music room inspo came out for my multi-talented artist friend.

A welcoming challenge for me in this room, was finding creative solutions to work with the larger items that were already there. That’s what I find myself mostly pondering and searching for ideas for. I have the same core pieces of furniture that I know like many of you, have traveled with me apartment to apartment (this will be my 4th) and by now are either worn, dated, don’t fit the current space or don’t fit my current style anymore.

Now I won’t lie, I have been tempted several times to just scrap all the old furniture and just start anew. But, in the end, the reality of how much furniture costs sets in, and then I remember, WAIT “I like to make things” lol, I like that what I make is unique to me and one of a kind and so like any responsible DIYer I try to exhaust all the ways I could repurpose something and make that work before I start buying.

A king-sized mattress and dresser were already in the room, both were of good quality but were too large for this size of room so finding ways to add in functionality wherever possible was going to be key here.

I knew I wanted to mount the TV on the long wall and do at least one accent wall on this angled wall, where I decided to do a wall of shelves.

I am obsessed with the way this turned out! Pro-tip: If you don’t already have a collection of records, You can order an assorted bundle of covers for any genre for an affordable price. He opted for Black Soul Artist

There’s so much to love about this side of the room, not only did we accomplish 3 projects, but I also got to dip my friend’s toes in DIY-land, and he LOVED IIT! We did this dark gray accent wall of bookshelves for over the bed.

We DIY’ed these bookshelves using brackets, wood stain and wood from Home Depot. I love that the bottom row also acts as a mini desk area that he can use to jot thoughts down from bed, write music access books etc. I think it’s a good way to work around not having any floor space for a desk area and having some extra space over the foot of your bed.

There was much space for a headboard, so I used the back of the dresser as a headboard for bed, We painted it stoned gray from the chalked series. I love the way it turned out!



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