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Ikea Soderhamn Modular Sofa Review

The Most Versatile Sectionals Ikea has to offer – You Choose your Price.

Hey y’all!

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you my review of the Soderhamn Couch series. I will discuss the comfort of the sofa and how it compares to others in the Ikea line-up buildable sofa sets, the price and if the value is worth the money, and I’ll cover its versatility, how does this sofa handle being transported and how it holds up in both small and large spaces.

I have been on a serious manhunt for a good, affordable couch for the past couple years I would say. Not only that, but I had been getting all the use possible out of the Futon that I purchased many apartments ago and even though as the years had passed and the futon was becoming increasingly uncomfortable to the day I still held on to it because it was something I didn’t have to repurchase going into my new space.

When my glutes could no longer take the pain, lol I gave that couch away and replaced it with a really cheap “temporary” sofa from #Houzz since I love their other products.

I didn’t do my research and I found that couch to also be uncomfortable for me to sit on, had a low back, and did not allow you to sit that far into the couch. In addition to that, I was not easy to clean and quickly had several unsightly visible marks on it, but hey at $300 – you get what you pay for.

Keep reading for my review on how the Ikea Soderhamn sofa has held up for me and if it hits all the checkpoints you need to be the next main seating area in your space.

The Design

“I love how low profile it is with a modern look.

One of the things I love most about this couch is the modern look that it has. It has spotless lines, low to the ground and would go perfectly with several other styles of decor. My decor style goes personally between, farmhouse boho, contemporary eclectic, and boho chic, which is the style I’m loving right now. This is a great option for you, if you don’t know what style of decor you want, like to change decor style up from time to time but don’t want to have to constantly purchase a new couch to match (which is me for sure!) Or maybe you’re buying furniture for a move/planning to move soon and don’t know if the couch will fit the next space as well as the current one. If you struggle with any of those decor style dilemmas then a couch with a low profile couch with a simple aesthetic like this one may be the couch for you.


“By far my favorite thing about this couch is that it’s modular; that’s a game-changer”

Apart from this couch being modern, another of its pros if not the biggest upside for me personally is that the couch is modular – that means you can purchase the couch by sections to build whatever size couch you desire. Should your needs increase or decrease, you can easily add or remove sections. It was a complete game-changer for me as no two apartments that I’ve had, have required the same sofa dimensions, and ideally for myself at least, I always want the next space I move into to be more spacious than the last. This couch can grow with me. This works for me in the reverse as well – currently, I own 2 corner sections, when put together they form a large love-seat and during the times that I don’t have company over often, I plan to use one corner in my living room along with some secondary floor seating and one corner in the corner nook in my bedroom. Maybe you have a small space you would like to add some seating to like a den, corner of your bedroom, small spare room, or corner in a nursery, if so, then the modular design of the Soderhamn couch could also be a solution for you!

“A new bar has been set, if I can’t swap the covers fully with my next couch – I don’t want it! ” Now I can’t talk about the versatility of this couch and not discuss their cover options. Ikea has 6 color options listed for this couch series – White, light pink, dark gray, turquoise, orange, and beige. What’s really cool about these covers is that every part of the couch comes apart and can be swapped out for their other colors. I purchased my couch in light pink and got a set of white covers additionally for when I want to switch things up! This has me completely spoiled and again, allows me to switch up my decor style without getting a new couch. The corner seat cover with the base and 3 pillow covers included ran me 40 dollars, which is a steal considering these covers can be machined washed. A new bar has been set, if I can’t swap the covers fully with my next couch – I don’t want it!

Comfort Following my last two couch attempts, comfort was a big factor in picking my next couch, and I am I happy to report that it passes my test! For the pros – to me this couch is on the firmer side but is comfortable enough to take a nap on. It’s 3ft deep which is AMAZING (definitely the deepest I’ve ever owned) and sits low to the ground. It reminds me of a “cloud couch”. I’m going to list the armrest as a pro here for myself personally, the slim profile gives me more space when using it as a daybed and the sidearm pillow are more than adequate for me to rest my arms on when needed, but I can see how the lack of cushion on the armrest could be a con for some. As for the Cons on my list, I only have one – and that is the covers. As opposed to the versatility portion of the review above where they were a benefit, in terms of comfort, I find them a bit lacking, let me explain. For this couch, Ikea offers 3 types of material – Samsta – a soft suede like material, Finnsta – a rough canvas like material, and Viarp – looks to be a corduroy like material, 2 of which I own (Samsta light pink/Finnsta White). Of the 6 color options available on the website, only the Samsta material is for sure comfortable to sit on, the other colors may take some getting used to. You can buy replacement covers for Ikea furniture through a third party provider. Comfort Works is a company to exclusively sells covers to IKEA furniture and the Soderhamn is no exception. They are not cheap by any means with the price point of this couch being on the affordable side, a Lux cover from Comfort works may be just the add-on you need to take the comfort and overall look of this couch to the next level. Speaking of affordable, let’s talk the pricing for this couch.


Because this couch is modular, you can easily build your ideal size for your budget and your space which is pretty cool. Ikea has a Soderhamn Planner – a planning tool to assist you with designing your own combination.

I really gravitated towards the corner section and the Chaise. For my space I opted for the 2 corner sections which I use both together and separately.

My 2 corner sections were $400 total ($200 each) plus the $59 Ikea delivery fee (thanks COVID-19). The 2 additional covers purchased for $80 total, I would consider this couch a steal!

Build Quality When it comes to Ikea furniture, I make a point to manage my expectations in terms of the build. I believe you get a good value for what you pay for. The Soderhamn modular sofa is no different.

It’s sturdy, comes with all the wholes pre-drilled that you would need to make any combination you choose, the instruction manual was easy to follow and the sofa itself is really easy to build with only one person. The sections are lightweight and easy to move around and the pieces all disassemble and pack down easily for transport. I tend to have pretty good luck getting a lot out of my Ikea furniture and Ikea furniture is super hackable so even as it wears I can still repurpose it and for that reason, the build quality gets a thumbs up from me!

Conclusion In summary, would I recommend this couch? Absolutely! If you’re anything like me, then the customizablility of this couch makes it a no-brainer for the price. The modular sofa allows you to build a sofa for the kind of life you live. Third party providers like Comfort Works gives you the freedom to really spice up your furniture accessories like the legs and endless amount of cover options with different textures, so there's sure to be something there for everyone. The Soderhamn Covers can be machined washed on the normal setting and air dried which is great for me since I can’t seem to stop wasting things on them. It’s easy to swap the covers or combination up with a second helper and breaks down easily for transport. If you’re looking a sofa that can grow with you this contemporary style low profile couch may be one worth considering. Would you try this couch out for your space? Let me know in the comment section below if the ability to customize the covers and legs on this couch are a game-changer for you or just an additional expense. Until next time, NewBIT.



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